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Konferenz: BrainGear, 15-16.09. Groningen

Eine interessante ENSN Konferenz über Neuro-Devices, Neurosocieties und was sonst noch “neuro” ist, am 15.-16.09 in Groningen, u.a. mit N. Rose & Andy Miah.

BRAIN GEAR,  September 15 and 16. Neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, regulators and artists discuss the available and emerging technologies to repair and enhance the brain.   Aus der Programmankündigung:

What are the implications of brain-changing instruments that change our individual and collective self-image? Does their rise imply a fundamental change in the meaning of human life and should societies rethink fundamental concepts of justice and responsibility?

Various kinds of braindevices are in the making or already available…. While many welcome this kind of apparatus as ways to eradicate the woes and inconveniences of human life, others fear they will cause a loss of human dignity and freedom. Do such devices blur old distinctions between ‘human beings’ versus ‘things’ or ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’? Or were these untenable distinctions anyway? Do they imply fundamental changes because they operate directly on the brain or are they not that different from more traditional means of enhancement like cars, contact lenses, or microphones?


Mehr direkt auf der Website, hier.

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